What our students say

"I really liked the games. It was very funny. The songs were very funny and I liked to sing and dance. The teachers were very good and I didn't have a problem to understand what they said. I learned much and I would like to have the English week again!"

"The English week was the best school week in my life. It was so nice. I learned a lot of new words. The games were the best part. I also made some new friends from the other class. The teachers were very funny and nice!"

"I really liked the games we played because it was so funny. the songs we sang were very cool and funny too. The teachers were all very nice to us. I understand all what they say because they spoke so clearly!"

"I really liked the games and the songs.I liked the teachers too because they were very nice to us. The theater of the other groups was very interesting and funny! It was an amazing week!" 

"I really liked the teachers because they always were funny! I really liked the games and the songs. I love the coca-cola song and the letter snake game because that was really funny and cool!  I think they were very cool and good teachers and there isn't so much they can do better!"

"I liked the games and the songs. Most of all I liked the elbow count game. The best song was the coca-cola droves to town. The theater was really cool because it was very funny. Thank you for a nice time!"

"The English week was very funny and interesting for me.I really liked the songs and games we played. The teachers were also really nice and I learned new words from the games. Only the play I didn't like, because I always get nervous when I stay in front of other people but it was funny!"

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