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Our English projects have been designed to complement the Austrian state curriculum for English and were created in conjunction with English teachers from around Austria. 

They are designed and taught to maximise student engagement and participation, as well as language production during the week. Implemented in hundreds of schools our programs include elements of several teaching methodologies, including Communicative Language Teaching, Content and Language Integrated Learning and Total Physical Response - all of which strongly encourage a student-centered approach to learning.

CLIL as a learning approach in English language classrooms uses an additional language, in our case English, to teach other subjects - which gives the opportunity to teach both content and language simultaneously. During our Project Weeks we cover topics such as Sport, Holiday Travel and Culture, Business, Health, Fashion and Fitness - there truly is something for everyone!

The use of CLT in the classrooms emphasises interactions and communication in the target language. Our teachers encourage communication between students while targeting specific language points. Our projects have been crafted to elicit these specific language points from students whilst increasing Student Talking Time.

Discovered through the observation of young learners using movement to initially convey language understanding, TPR is used throughout our program as a method to activate the learners brain! Movement, songs and simulation are used as learning activation techniques.

During our HELLO ENGLISH! Project Weeks we create an immersive language environment, in which students are provided the platform to learn English in a fun, engaging and motivating way. Our English projects not only teach but they inspire our students into the realization that English is not just another subject in school, English is a key to exploring the world around them!

As part of their Project Week our students receive FREE membership to our Virtual Classroom! This is a unique way to keep learning English with our Native Speakers!

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