Project Week

A HELLO ENGLISH! project is an immersive language environment, in which students are provided the platform to learn English in a fun, engaging and motivating way. Our English projects not only teach but they inspire our students into the realization that English is not just another subject in school, English is a key to exploring the world! 


Created to support the teaching of English to Austrian students, our program has been specifically designed in conjunction with Austrian English teachers according to the Austrian national curriculum for English! 

With each project including our CLIL workshops, as well as drama, songs and fun grammar activities, our projects really have something for everyone!

Confidence in spoken English is our main goal! This is why we like to end our projects with an English performance where teachers, parents, family and friends are invited to watch our students sing songs, perform self made theaters and present the CLIL topics, all in English!

**All our Project Week students receive a yearly membership to our online Virtual Classroom**

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