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The HELLO ENGLISH! English Project Day is a project day where a team of up to four native speakers comes to your school and transforms the classrooms into a completely English-speaking, fun learning environment.


Of course, nobody can learn a language perfectly in one day. Instead, we give students an experience in which they can perceive language not just as a subject but as an adventure. They immerse themselves in a new culture and discover the self-confidence to speak English themselves. Above all, the English Project Day should be fun and a motivating learning experience.


All school classes from elementary school to high school can participate. Depending on the region and availability, you will be assigned one of our native speaker teams.


An English Project Day starts with the first lesson and lasts until the end of the 6th lesson (or until the end of the 5th lesson for elementary schools). Each class is assigned a native speaker and spends either 3 or 6 lessons with this native speaker. The students stay in their normal classes.

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