"Project Day"

For your HELLO ENGLISH! Project Day a team of native speakers will come to your school and transform the classroom into an immersive, fun, language learning environment. These motivating Project Days give students a true taste of English. They immerse themselves in a new culture and build some self-confidence when speaking English. Above all, the English project Day should be fun and a motivating learning experience.

Our teachers are from England, Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada and Australia. All qualified teachers who live in Austria, our teachers are trained by us in Austria to teach Austrian students. Experienced with Austrian students, our teachers are familiar with the differences between the German and English language and trained in techniques to encourage and motivate students to speak English.

Choose from either three or six lessons of games, theater and English activities designed to challenge students while also providing them with a sense of achievement and accomplishment at the end of the day. The most important message of the Project Day is to encourage, inspire and demonstrate to the students that English can be a fun and easy subject.

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