"Project Week"

We have devised a playful, colourful, interactive and immersive Volksschule program which contains carefully chosen vocabulary and activities suitable for younger learners. this program focuses on key vocabulary used in everyday life such as numbers, colours, clothing, animals, weather, vehicles, days, months and seasons. At the end of the week student will be able to use new words and phrases to have a basic conversation about where they are from, what they like to do, what animals they like, what their favourite colour is as well as other such topics. Studies have shown that English in the early years promotes and influences the use of more accomplished English as adults.


As well as English, we will also do one sports lesson each day where students are introduced to some sports played in English speaking countries. They will learn the basic rules, equipment, and vocabulary needed for these sports. The workshop brings together movement, English and teamwork- showing students how to work together as a team and have fun while learning some new sports!


Students and teachers alike absolutely love our Volksschule program.

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