CLIL Workshops


This is one of our most popular workshops. Students are introduced to four foreign
sports such as Baseball, Rugby, Gaelic Football and Ultimate Frisbee to name a few,
many of which they may have never previously played. Each student is provided with a
sport booklet and each sport is introduced in the classroom with the help of visual aids
and demonstrations. Here the students will learn the relevant terminology, physical set
up and rules of the game. Most of the time within the lesson is spent actually
participating in the sport which makes it perfect for active, physical learners. The games
either take place outside or in the sports hall, running drills and finally playing a full
game. At the end of the week, students will have a good understanding of how each
sport is played and will be able to recall the correct terminology from each sport.
** For this workshop an area for sport will be required between Monday and
Thursday (outdoor area, gym, sports hall).

Holiday, Travel and Culture

This is another one of our most popular workshops. Students are transported around
the world to native English speaking countries such as America, Canada, Australia and
New Zealand. Within these workshop sessions the students will use new lexis and
terminology to write a safari report after a visit to South Africa, show off a presentation
about the Maori and Aboriginal cultures from New Zealand and Australia, plan a trip
around Great Britain and Northern Ireland and even design their own famous landmark.
At the end of the week students will be more knowledgeable about countries that have
English as their native language and will feel more confident using English abroad in
real life situations.

Health, Fashion and Fitness

This workshop delves into topics such as nutrition, healthy living, fitness regimes,
exercise and fashion. Students will learn about different food groups, incorporating
exercise into their lifestyle, going to the doctor for a health check-up and designing a
new outfit through interactive activities. Students will learn the correct terminology and
vocabulary associated with each new topic and by the end of the week will be able to
use this confidently when taking part in new conversations.

Business, Communication and Pronunciation

Are your students getting ready for the world of business? Do they know how to speak but struggle with their clarity of communication? If so, our Business, Communication, and Pronunciation workshop gives students creative and engaging activities that are designed to develop your student’s language skills in a real-world way. Students will gain a better understanding of what language to use when negotiating, how to strategize as a part of a team, how to understand the use of common words in the business world, and much more in this workshop.

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